Jilin Jinhong Auto Parts

Since 2005, system supplier to the automotive industry for China and Europe.

Quality, reliability and constructive cooperation

Founded in 2005, we are an excellent supplier of components to the automotive industry, with 16 years of experience. During this time we have established ourselves as a leading provider of production solutions. What really sets us apart is our close collaboration with FAW VW. We are the only supplier for FAW VW that has the qualifications of an A-class component supplier, tool supplier and prototype parts supplier. This award underlines our commitment to quality and reliability.

In addition, we are proud to also be an A-Class component supplier for BMW China. This shows the trust and appreciation of well-known automobile manufacturers in our products.

As a high-tech company, we are integrated into the SME system and are therefore one of the most innovative companies in our industry. Our number of employees amounts to a total of 1,000 employees spread across ten subsidiaries. Our many years of experience combined with our wide range of first-class products make us the ideal partner for your automotive industry. Whether you are looking for high-quality parts or an efficient transport solution - with us you will find everything under one roof.

We are always available to help you and look forward to earning your trust as an outstanding component supplier.

Robot welding

Jinhong Group, China


Jinhong Group, China

Tool making
punching and forming tools

Jinhong Group, China

Stamping & forming components

Jinhong Group, China

Injection molded

Jinhong Group, China

cast aluminum

We are your competent contact for high-precision aluminum die-casting manufacturing processes for the production of complex and delicate components with high stability and strength from aluminum.

Injection molded

As a specialist in the production of plastic injection molded components for the automotive industry, you can rely on our expertise and many years of experience. We will plan your project carefully and implement it successfully – we guarantee that.

Stamping & forming parts

The foundation of the components we produce is based on forming technology, which makes it possible to produce ready-to-use components for our assembly production. Both transfer tools and progressive composite tools are used in the production of our components.

Components made from

Fiber composite materials and graphite components are of great importance for the automotive industry. As a long-standing development partner, we supply high-quality materials and components for the automotive industry. Whether body, drive train, engine block or brake system - we offer convincing solutions for the automotive present and future.

Body in White

Jinhong Autoparts Group is one of the leading providers of body construction projects and has a high level of planning expertise. With us, our customers find everything under one roof and can rely on outstanding quality.



  • Feasibility studies

  • Method planning

  • construction


  • Single tools

  • Progressive tools

  • Transfer tools


  • small series

  • large series


  • Test & sample construction

  • Prototypes

  • Body in White Prototypes


  • Jilin City

  • Changchun

  • Tianjin

  • Liaoning

  • Zhengzhou

  • Chengdu (2 works)

  • Dongguan

Jinhong production network

ProTec Metalltechnik GmbH has a long history as a specialist for small, special series and prototypes.

ProTec Metalltechnik GmbH has been part of the Jilin Jinhong Autoparts Group production network since September 2019.

As part of the Jilin Jinhong Autoparts Group, ProTec Metalltechnik expanded its portfolio to include the design and manufacture of punching and forming tools for the automotive industry.

ProTec Metalltechnik has also established itself in the German market as a supplier of plastic injection molded parts in prototype construction and is a reliable partner for the automotive industry.

Jilin City

Jilin Jinhong

Press shop and tool making

Tianjin Jinhong

Injection molding factory

Liaoning Fengdi

Injection molding screw nut production standard and special production


Engineering Center

Cheng you

Chengdu Jinhong (Pressing Plant) Chengdu Keda (Autoelectric Tailgate System)

Guangdong Jinhong

Dongguan Huili (tool making) Xinjinmei Jinhong (research & development)

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