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Small batch production

While in large-scale production the production steps:

Cutting | Edges | Bend | Deep drawing

take place in a punching and forming tool, these production steps are carried out by individual machines in our small series production.

This method of production is significantly cheaper for small series. However, in certain cases we also produce smaller quantities using punching and forming tools.



Bending robot

Our TruBend Cell 7000 is a compact and powerful system that offers us the opportunity to bend small parts quickly and economically.

With back gauges and a dynamic drive concept, it sets new standards as the world's fastest bending cell for small parts. Thanks to its conveyor system, the TruBend Cell 7000 provides flexible storage options for your finished parts, so that we can produce small parts up to a size of 500x380 mm even more efficiently.

With ACB technology, we get exact angles for your good parts right from the first part.

The automatic tool change is carried out effortlessly by the ToolMaster Bend. The LoadMaster Bend also ensures an optimized material flow by loading quickly, safely and parallel to production time.



3D & 2D lasers

With our TruLaser Cell 7040 laser system, we are optimally equipped to process both two-dimensional and three-dimensional components.

The modular design of the machine allows us to individually adapt and retrofit the TruLaser Cell 7040 in order to adapt to a changing production environment and to be able to respond to changing customer requirements.

Thanks to the highest machine dynamics and clever functions to optimize cycle times, we can work faster than ever before.

The X-Blast technology ensures more robust cutting processes, especially with complex geometries, which means that significantly longer nozzle service lives can be achieved.



Laser punch combination

The TruMatic 1000 fiber is an innovative machine that effortlessly handles various tasks such as punching holes, bending tabs and forming threads.

It is characterized as the smallest punching laser machine in the world.

With our machine you get all the advantages of punching and laser processing in one device.

Small laser-cut parts are reliably ejected into the good parts container.

The SheetMaster Compact ensures a reliable loading and unloading process.

In terms of environmental awareness and cost-effectiveness, solid-state lasers and Delta Drive drive enable savings of up to 65% compared to hydraulically driven punching laser machines.

With the robust TruFiber universal laser, non-ferrous metals can also be separated in a highly productive manner.



Laser punch combination

The powerful universal machine TruMatic 6000 is a versatile machine with advanced laser and punching technology.

The high performance of the punching head and the laser ensure efficient production with excellent quality, while the sophisticated laser concept and the universal cooling interface ensure outstanding energy efficiency.

Thanks to the user-friendly operating concept, parts up to a thickness of 8 mm can be produced quickly and easily, supported by intelligent software functions for a particularly safe process. The TruFlow CO2 laser delivers first-class cutting edges thanks to its excellent beam quality. The lowerable die enables scratch-free processing when punching and forming. With the SheetMaster, parts can be loaded, unloaded and sorted safely and automatically.



Welding robots

Efficient programming, reliable welding.

Our welding cell is a fully equipped welding robot.

Depending on the size of the component and the batch size, we can use the welding cell in either one- or two-system operation.

For example, we have the option of processing either a larger component or smaller components in larger series at the same time.

For our automated welding applications, we use a special power source from Fronius for arc welding. This supports the innovative pulse arc process PMC (Pulse Multi Control), which works powerfully and precisely. This combination allows us to guarantee first-class results and the highest quality in our welding processes.




Press in

Haeger's press-in system uses fully hydraulic mechanics and can be flexibly equipped with different modules to meet the respective requirements.

SingleTouch technology enables precise and secure connection of PEM® press-in fasteners such as threaded bolts, bushings, press-in nuts and connectors.

With the diverse tool set, even individual special solutions can be implemented without any problems.

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