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News from ProTec Metalltechnik
February 24



Trumpf TruBend Cell 7000

After purchasing our second bending robot in December 23, we are now expanding our machine park again with another bending robot from the Trumpf brand.

The machine will be integrated into the production process on September 24.

Our TruBend Cell 7000 is a compact and powerful system that offers us the opportunity to bend small parts quickly and economically.

With back gauges and a dynamic drive concept, it sets new standards as the world's fastest bending cell for small parts. Thanks to its conveyor system, the TruBend Cell 7000 provides flexible storage options for your finished parts, so that we can produce small parts up to a size of 500x380 mm even more efficiently.



Happy Chinese New Year

We wish our colleagues in China and our customers and partners in Germany a Happy Chinese New Year.

The Spring Festival in China

An unforgettable celebration of culture and tradition.

The Spring Festival in China is an unforgettable celebration of culture and tradition. It is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar and is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year.

The festive activities span a period of 15 days, starting on the first day of the lunar year.

During this time, families from all parts of China come together to celebrate together and celebrate the traditional customs.

The Spring Festival marks the beginning of a new year according to the traditional lunar calendar and simultaneously symbolizes the farewell to winter and the new beginning of life.

Preparations for the festival begin weeks in advance: houses are thoroughly cleaned, new clothes are bought and red decorations are put up - because red is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture. Everywhere you see glowing lanterns, dragon figures or characters with lucky messages. On the eve of the actual holiday, all members of the family gather for the so-called “reunion dinner”. They enjoy an opulent meal consisting of various dishes such as fish (symbol of wealth) or dumplings (symbol of good luck). After eating, firecrackers are often lit to drive away evil spirits.

The highlight of the Spring Festival is undoubtedly the colorful lion dances and spectacular fireworks displays every evening during the festival. The lion dances are performed by professional dancers and are said to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Another important element of the Spring Festival are the so-called "Hongbao", red envelopes with gifts of money for children or unmarried family members. These symbolize the blessing of the older ones for the younger ones and the sharing of one's own success.

The Spring Festival is not only a time for celebration, but also for reflection on traditions and family. It offers an opportunity to tell old stories, play games and have fun together. In this festive atmosphere, cohesion is emphasized - a value that is very important in Chinese culture. Overall, the Spring Festival in China is an impressive event full of joy and excitement about the rich culture of this fascinating country. Anyone who is allowed to be there will experience first hand the magic of a centuries-old tradition paired with modern life - an unforgettable experience!

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