ProTec Metalltechnik GmbH

Your partner for technical solutions

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folded, stamped and deep-drawn parts
assemblies in small series

Your partner for technical solutions

We have been a reliable system supplier to the automotive industry for 25 years.

Our focus is on the production of edged, stamped and deep-drawn parts and the assembly of assemblies that have to meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

We rely on the latest technologies and machines that enable precise and efficient production.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality products, we attach great importance to sustainable production. To do this, we rely on resource-saving processes and materials, as well as high energy efficiency.

In this way, ProTec Metalltechnik not only contributes to reducing the burden on the environment, but also to securing its own competitiveness in the long term.

Another important factor in our success is working closely with our customers to best meet their needs and expectations.

We rely on careful process control in order to identify and correct deviations at an early stage. Through continuous improvement processes, our products and processes are constantly optimized and the highest quality standard is guaranteed.

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